Fans Give Their Wishlist For FIFA 18

It is usually expected that when a video game has been present for too long, its popularity would somehow diminish over time as things get monotonous. However, this has not been seen yet with the FIFA series. FIFA is a series of football video games that are quite close to the real FIFA World Cup and have been officially licensed by the governing body of FIFA. The series just launched its 17th installation, which has already managed to garner appreciation. The reason that the game has managed to maintain its popularity is that with every new installation, the developers have ensured that something new is offered to the fans. As a result, fans tend to look forward to what the next edition of the game is going to bring.

What the next edition should bring

It has not been long since FIFA 17 has been launched and fans have already begun to discuss the changes that they would like to see in FIFA 18. It is quite common for fans to present a list of wishes they have with regards to the upcoming installation of the game, and the wishes related to FIFA 18 have already started rolling in.

Fifa 2018 Wishlist

Fifa 2018 Wishlist

Penalty system

A lot of changes have been brought about in the penalty system in FIFA 17. However, the new penalty system leaves a lot to desire, and it is apparent that it requires a bit more development. Fans hope that FIFA 18 or FIFA 19 would fix the issues that they have been facing in this regard and the missing loops will be covered.


FIFA is known for its impressive commentary work. However, there seem to be some scripting issues with the new installation. Fans expect that would be dealt with and the game would resume the amazing commentary with its next installation.

Player ID

FIFA has a lot of players, so this is not going to be easy. However, since other games of football offer this feature, this is something that the developers should look into. An effort should be made for the players belonging to different categories to feel unique, which would ensure that the game does not lag behind its competitors in any aspect.


At the moment, the crowd in the game looks blurry and has less resolution. Since players tend to look for an authentic experience while playing the game, this is an area that the developers should work on. Making the crowd appear more realistic would make it certain that the excitement of the game increases to a large extent as players would feel the game is a lot closer to reality.

Exciting times ahead

Fans believe that some incredible features wait for them in FIFA 18. What remains to be seen is whether the developers would be able to deliver what the fans want or would the fans have to face disappointed. The track record of the franchise makes one believe that fans of the game would be more than satisfied with the new installation.

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