Things that FIFA 18 can offer

FIFA is a series of football video games that has managed to maintain a high level of popularity for years. With every new installation of the game, the fan base has witnessed a rise and fans of the game wait to see what the developers are going to come up with in the next installation. FIFA manages to stand out from the rest of the football games because of its amazing graphics, which ensure that it looks close to reality. A lot of attention is paid to ensure that the game delivers what fans expect and they would not have to be disappointed. FIFA 18 would be the next installation to launch and fans have already started voicing their expectations and the changes that they would like to see in it.

The changes that fans want

Let us take a look at the features that fans believe will make FIFA 18 bigger and better.

Fifa 18 Gamepplay Rlease Date

Fifa 18 Gamepplay Rlease Date

Increase in modes

The developers of FIFA at EA Sports have made it clear over time that they are not ones to shy away from risks. They are always willing to try something different. Thus, fans hope that the developers would have some new interesting modes in the game. An example of creating a new team that would start in the non-league has been given by the fans. They believe that it would be interesting if the players are able to make a team and upgrade it, working to make it climb the ladder and attain the top position.

Increase in dialogues

There is no denying that featuring huge football names in the story mode is an impressive idea. However, fans wish to see more. They think that things would get more interesting if some famous names throw in a word of encouragement or chastise them as required. It is exciting to think what EA could come up with in the future in this regard.

Improvement in refs

This is a problem encountered by every football game. The problem stems from the fact that players don’t want the game to be a complete simulation and neither do they want it to appear fake. Thus, some things about the ref will leave you annoyed. For instance, some fouls that do not look like fouls or wrong offsides are issues that you might face. Steps taken to improve this will be welcomed by the fans.

Transfer prices

It seems that quite a bit of disparity exists between purchasing and selling players at the moment, which can get annoying and should be looked down to make the game more satisfying.

Changes are welcomed

Developers of FIFA always ensure that they make changes for the better in the game. This is one of the reasons for the huge popularity of the series. Thus, FIFA 18 is likely to come up with some interesting new features. Fans cannot wait to see the treat that awaits them in the form of FIFA 18.

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