A Brief History of the Great Series That Will Bring Us FIFA 18

FIFA is one of the most phenomenal video game series of this day and age. All of us are familiar with this game. Most of us are simply addicted to it and many of us are waiting impatiently for FIFA 18 to be released.

As the end of 2017 draws near, the impatience grows to experience the greatness that is FIFA. But what allowed FIFA to get to the point it is at currently? When was the first FIFA game released? This article will cover a brief history into the incredible game series.


Rome wasn’t built in a day. Similarly, football didn’t make it into the mainstream sports in a day. So it’s almost impossible that FIFA would build itself to the level it is at in a single day. Here’s how it all began:

First Years

FIFA is the first game to get an official FIFA license for use, which is the reason why the game series is legally allowed to use the name FIFA. The first game released under this series was officially known as FIFA International Soccer, released on 15th July, 1993, to PC, DOS, Sega, SNES, Game Boy and a few other platforms. It was soon to become very well-known. The release of the game featured David Platt and Piotr Swierczewski on its cover and was created by EA Sports, just like all the others that followed.

The next game in the line was FIFA 95, which quickly picked up the pace and added 200 more clubs into the original game and allowed users a handy save feature. This was the first game in which the penalty shootout practice was featured.

Soon enough, FIFA 96 was released and it featured 3D graphics and real-time commentary that was absolutely marvelous to listen to while playing the game. This game had now added a total of eleven leagues and an impressive number of fifty-nine international teams.

Skipping FIFA 97, it’s very noteworthy that FIFA 98 was the first game that allowed the user to choose how strict their referee was. Another brilliant change to the game was that the glitches that the previous games showed regarding offside penalties were now fixed and offside penalties worked really well from this point on.

fifa 18 game image

fifa 18 game image

FIFA 2000s

Released in October 1999, the FIFA 2000 featured major graphics improvements over its predecessors and it was a revolutionary game that was also available on PlayStation. The next game, FIFA 2001 introduced the feature of intentionally fouling a player and even had a power bar to control the power of the shoot.

FIFA 18 Now

There were a lot of other changes throughout the years and slowly, the FIFA video game franchise built itself to what it is now, being one of the greatest and most enjoyable of games. Again, the latest FIFA 18 will be released near the end of 2017, so keep a look out!

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