FIFA 18 Features Wishlist That Are Expected

The FIFA video game series has made its name among youngsters and adults alike around the world over several years. With time, it has become one of the best sports game series and easily one of the most played game series of all time. Whether you are an avid watcher of football, a passionate player of the sport, or just a person who generally likes it, playing FIFA on the screen alone or with a couple of friends is always a treat in itself.

With 2018 nearing, it’ll soon be time when the next release in the FIFA series comes out for all to play and enjoy, so the fans of the game really can’t wait for it.

This article will sum and discuss all the Fifa 18 features we expect from the game and even the features we wish for.

FIFA 18 Features

Most of these features are simply guesses or wishes since the game is yet to officially declare what it might or might not add. Therefore, there is an equal chance that none of these features are seen in the game, so keep your fingers crossed. Our FIFA 18 Features wishlist is:

Better Face Customization

The ability to customize the original player’s face to make it look as the gamer wants is really a feature that’s common in the FIFA series, but making face customization so accurate that the player you create virtually turns out to look exactly like you? Now that’s a feature that’d make for a lot of satisfied players.

Better AI

As any other game in which you play mostly with bots, redesigning the game to introduce better AI would make for a great user experience and competitive gameplay since it reduces predictable AI moves and playing style.

Fifa 18 features wishlist photo

Fifa 18 features wishlist photo

Better Graphics

Adding to redesigning the AI, making the graphics livelier for a better-looking game will make for a great selling point among gamers and fans. Focusing on the facial expressions of the players, the feel and look of the ground, especially the crowd and the celebrations, and making them look more natural will make for a very immersive user experience.

Real-Time Awards

One of the flaws of FIFA is that the game does not feature individual trophies or awards for players, and many fans want to see the addition of real-time trophies into the game, especially the Ballon d’Or. This would make for a more enjoyable gameplay where the gamer enjoys the feel of winning the great trophy for their efforts and way of playing.

Expected Release Date

As many other sports video game series, FIFA releases its games near the end of the year in around October to November. One can expect FIFA 18 to be released between the same months in 2017. Other than that, one can also expect the game to be simply spectacular since FIFA never lets its fans down.

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