FIFA 2018 – Fans wait for some exciting changes

FIFA does not require any introduction. FIFA World Cup is among those events for which people around the world wait with bated breaths. The popularity of the event transcends to video games as well. FIFA is a series of football video games which are released yearly by Electronic Arts under the label of EU Sports. FIFA 17 has just been launched and like all the previous installations of the game, it has managed to attain immense popularity. The thing about this franchise is that with every new installation, the developers aim to make it bigger and better. The game has quite a realistic touch to it, and fans tend to wait in anticipation as to what are the changes that would be brought to the table with the next edition. FIFA 17 has recently been launched, yet fans have already begun to discuss what FIFA 2018 would offer them.


Scope for improvement

Fifa 18 Game Photo

Fifa 18 Game Photo

There is no denying that the game is designed in a rather realistic manner with some impressive graphics being used for the purpose. However, there is always some room for improvement. Fans have expressed certain changes that they would like to see in FIFA 18. Let us take a look at some of these changes.

Improvement in crowds

While this does not have any real impact on the game, since players look for a realistic experience, this is something that they wish to see. Seeing fans in the crowd, cheering and participating in the game, gives you an authentic experience that is quite close to reality and increases your excitement by many folds. FIFA 17 made use of Frostbite which ensures that managing graphical feats is not a difficult task for it. Currently, the crowds tend to look blurry and fans wish to see a change in this.

Attention to women’s football

FIFA 16 introduced women’s football to the series, which is an impressive initiative. However, not much attention was paid to this in FIFA 17 with the absence of clubs a glaring glitch. Therefore, fans hope that this is something which would change in the next installation as women’s football is also beginning also enjoy high popularity in the world.

Penalty improvements

Penalty system in FIFA 17 has gone through an overhaul with a multitude of changes. While change is always good, there seems to be a lot of room for improvement in the new penalty system, and it requires a bit of work.

Fulfilling the expectations of fans

The reason that the FIFA series has managed to sustain popularity among fans for so long is that it delivers what the fans hope for. Therefore, it is sure to be expected that some impressive changes to the game will be made in FIFA 18 and it will be better and more interesting that FIFA 17. It remains to be seen what this game is going to come up with in its next installation and the acceptance that the next edition is going to get among fans.

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