Improvements You May Wish to see in FIFA 18 Career Mode

Career mode is the main part of any EA Sports FIFA game, including the all new EA Sports FIFA 18. As we know, there are two options within career mode. In Manager Mode, you play as the manager of your favorite club team—and, in some time, also as the manager of an international team. In Player Mode, you play as an individual player and work to achieve fame and fortune amongst the world’s greatest players. What new features and surprises can we expect from EA to make Career Mode in FIFA 18 even better?

Following are some of the FIFA 18 Career Mode improvements many players hope to see.

Managers controlled by the CPU will now be able to switch clubs:

What if managers controlled by the CPU could switch clubs? This would definitely boost interest in the game and would be a huge feature for the development of the already well-known football franchise. It would add a real in-depth feeling of yourself actually being active in the world of professional football via a controller or keyboard and a screen. It would definitely increase the level of realism present in the game.

An enhanced customization of your manager’s avatar:

How would it feel to take some time, sit with your system, and develop your manager’s avatar in such a way that it looks 99% like you? How would it be if you could customize each and every portion, from head to toe, and make your manager’s avatar look almost exactly like you look in real life? Interesting, right? This would definitely add appeal, as people would obviously want to see their own face in the world of professional football. This is definitely a big plus point in improving the already well-known career mode of EA Sports FIFA games in EA Sports FIFA 18.

Fifa 18 Career Mode Image

Making the press conferences better:

Press conferences are an important part of the professional football world. Somehow, Electronic Arts falls short by a small margin in this field and should feel a strong urge to improve the way press conferences are conducted in FIFA 18. How about a list of questions and answers, and some news from the training of the team? After all, the gist is to add realism to the game so that fans feel more like they are an integral part of the world of professional football.

International team management:

This is an area which has remained unchanged for a number of years, and which consequently needs to be significantly refreshed. Electronic Arts should upgrade the handling of international and club teams together, and should also add the enhancement of the manager’s reputation when it comes to controlling both the international and the club teams together in the upcoming EA Sports FIFA 18.

Fifa 18 Career Mode Image

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The problem of “away” sides should be addressed:

This is an integral part of keeping your winning streak alive, and as such, of your reputation. You play five games and clean out your opponents by a large margin, but when you simulate your match, you find it hard for your team to win, or you squeeze out a victory against someone in the middle or back of the table just because your team is playing as the away side. Match simulations should, by all means, go by the overall stats of the teams and their respective tactics rather than home or away ground.

The transfer window should be upgraded to provide a more realistic feel:

You start a career, and you find players being shuffled here and there right under your nose. Electronic Arts should go easy with transfers and should develop a way for the managers to settle with a number of friendly games before being thrown into the transfer window.

2018 Fifa EA Game Image

2018 Fifa EA Game

Improvisation of player behaviour:

The behaviours of players should be improvised. If your player is feeling homesick, it doesn’t mean he will join any club that wants him. For example, if in your EA Sports FIFA 18 game, suddenly Paulo Dybala starts feeling homesick at Juventus, he probably won’t want to shift to just any small team that will take him. This feature would be a great improvisation in career mode of FIFA 18.

Improving competition prize money:

One thing Electronic Arts should immediately focus on is improving the prize money we receive for winning prestigious competitions like the UEFA Champions League and the league title. What is the use of winning prestigious titles if you do not receive enough funds to make some red-hot transfers in the immediate transfer window coming up?

Player Career mode:

This has been the less-relevant aspect of career mode, and players often lack interest in this part of the game. Although some hope for improvement is visible from the changes made by EA Sports in FIFA 17 (i.e. the “Journey” concept), they need to continue improving on this mode in FIFA 18.

Switching clubs at the end of each season:

EA Sports FIFA 18 should give an option to change clubs at the end of each season, as it widens the knowledge, prestige, and respect of the manager. This allows managers to explore the different leagues, and work their way up to glory with teams from different parts of the world.

All said and done, the above list represents the improvements we want to see in EA Sports FIFA 18 and surely would add significant appeal for gamers. No doubt, it will be an awesome game no matter what!

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