Is FIFA 2018 Going To Be The Best Game Ever?

With the release of the latest FIFA game a few weeks ago, people are now more curious as to what FIFA 18 (that will most probably be released in the coming year) will be like. Generally speaking, FIFA 17 has proved to be the best game of this series yet. It is full of features that gamers needed and makes the game easier to play and control. In a very short time, this game has acquired a high number of positive reviews from the general public, hardcore gamers, critics, and others. However, as the chain continues, no matter how exceptional this game is, it will get better in its upcoming edition. Yes, FIFA 2018 is going to be one of the most incredible games in the history of video gaming.

Here is what you can expect from FIFA 18 according to the predictions of the players.

Possible Enhancements in FIFA 2018

Better AI

This improvement is surely going to be in the upcoming FIFA game. As all the previous games get better AI than before, FIFA 2018 will be the best one when it comes to AI. As this game will come with new and improved features, it will surely exceed the players’ expectations. It will be developed with more enhanced and intelligent technology, so there are going to be less or even no chances of minor glitches so that players can get a better gaming experience.

Implementation of the Player’s Face

As this game is going to be the greatest among its predecessors, there are high chances that players can get to witness extraordinary changes. Players have suggested that their animated faces should be in the game to get a real feel. This implementation will allow the game to become more real than ever and people will get a more genuine FIFA experience right from their home. Isn’t it great seeing your own face in the game as one of the players? I’m sure it will increase the interest of players even more.

Fifa 18 Wishlist Image

Fifa 18 Wishlist Image

Real-Time Awards

Surely, who doesn’t like to be praised after they do something great? If you have played a huge role in helping your team win the tournament, don’t you think you should be awarded something? What could be better than the Ballon d’Or award? This upgrade is something players are dying to see in the upcoming version of the game. Also, if the players will get a real-time prize, they will become more absorbed and dedicated while playing this game.

As this game is becoming close to reality every single year, these few changes might make it more real. If these features are added in the forthcoming edition, people will experience a full real-time experience of FIFA from their home. The exact date of this game has not been released yet as it hasn’t been officially announced. But we are sure it will be available to the public in the year 2017. Until it is going to be made available to the public, we can only predict what’s going to be in FIFA 2018, but we are sure it’s going to be awesome!

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